1:1 Services

Sage Behavior Services provides quality ABA services to children with developmental disabilities and their families. We aim to reduce maladaptive behavior and increase functionally equivalent behavior, which support children in learning needed skills, gaining independence, and maximizing participation in his or her community.

The focus of our 1:1 services is to address the goals and objectives as described and set forth in your child’s IEP, IPP, IFSP, or current assessment. Behavior Interventionists from Sage work with your child and the family to decrease¬†your child’s maladaptive behaviors and increase important skills such as functional communication, self-help skills, play skills, safety skills, and overall independence. Data are collected during each session to track and determine your child’s progress.

The following 1:1 services are available based on your funding agency:

  • In-home ABA
  • School-based behavior support
  • Clinic-based ABA services
  • Behavior support during extra-curricular activities (e.g. afterschool program, sports activities, camp, etc.)

Bilingual services are available. Please contact us for additional information.