Mission Statement

Sage Behavior Services is committed to effective implementation of research-validated behavioral procedures to strengthen the socially significant behaviors of children, families, professionals, and organizations. The principles of applied behavior analysis are used to support environments to achieve generalization and maintenance of behavior change.


Sage Behavior Services emphasizes the use of positive behavior intervention strategies and minimally intrusive interventions to help children become successful and independent participants in their communities. Each program is tailored to the specific needs of every individual we serve.

We emphasize the creation of a positive learning environment for the child — one that fosters development across skill areas and that can be maintained by the other significant individuals in places which the child learns. We believe a strong rapport between your child and the Sage team is crucial in establishing learning opportunities and maximizing the effectiveness of our intervention process. Our staff strive to create a positive learning environment, which can be observed in a child who welcomes the arrival of staff by initiating interactions, communication, and play.

Sage Behavior Services strives for long-term generalization and maintenance of behavior change. Services are provided in natural environments when possible to increase participation and independence. Sage also collaborates closely with significant individuals in the child’s life such as parents and other family members, peers, teachers, and other professionals in order to teach the functional behaviors and skills necessary for the child to learn and thrive in their own community.